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PostSubject: POI QUEST!!   Thu Apr 24, 2008 2:40 am

Incase you havn't done it.. ! Here's your last chance..
I am organising a group to go and do poi quest again ;p
I'm not sure when the quest is going to be but ill be sure to inform you all about it.

About POI. (Read if you've never done it!)

If you have never gone on POI it may be inportant for you to read this. It's basically just to inform you the basic's about the quest. The first part is easy. Well if you 100 it should be. It's just fire elements and POI monsters. If your unsure what they are then go in the "Bonez Area" teleport. Some of them can be quite hard like "Hellhounds and Jugga's." But if your with a big or ezperience group. It all should be good. You also have to get the key. But normally you get the highest lvls to kill while lower lvl stays and gets key.

Then you walk though a maze type thing. Which is VERY confusing. So it's best to basically play follow the leader Razz Or place money where your not ment to tread. This part of the quest may be hard if your on a laptop! If you tread in the wrong place you get teleported to the start of the quest.

After this you are in a room with many teleports with hard monsters. You then have to jump in each teleport and fight the monsters and sit on the chair. You must sit on each chair in each teleport. ! Or you will have to do it again. Then the last teleport has Bazzir in there. A VERY strong monster. Best technique i have heard of is "sudicide" Get one member perferably the highest a get that person to run in the corner and lure Bazzir away.. Then everyone else quikly runs on chair and back into portal. Its best to have some healers at this point. ;p

To find out more inforamation go to:

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